Klezmer Mountain Boys Welcome to our guestbook! We hope you'll sign in and keep coming back. I plan to use this space to keep everyone informed of the latest Klezmer Mountain Boys news - our concerts, our friends' concerts, and all kinds of news for klezmer and bluegrass fans. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts and news too.
all the best, zay gezunt, and don't be a stranger!


Klezmer Mountain Boys Our thoughts are with our friends in the New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars this week. So far I've heard from Jonathan who reports that they are all out of town this week but their homes are probably flooded. We're sending them our best wishes for safety and a swift recovery from the flood.
Minneapolis Hey Margot! Your guestbook is awesome! When are you going to play in Minneapolis again? The last show was out of this world.


Klezmer Mountain Boys Hey Derek! Thanks for signing the guestbook! The crowd at the Cedar in Minneapolis was one of our favorites. You sure live in a cool city. We're hoping to get back there before too long. thanks for asking!
Josie the Microbiologist
Fantastic message board Margot! I will be sure to check it regularly for postings about your adventures at home and away. We love to hear about your glamorous performances and stardom.
tom leverett
carbondale illinois
hey margot! thanks for the care package. and happy birthday!!(early)....good luck with everything!
-tom, jen, corey, eli, noah, justin and all...
Bob Blacksberg
Two days early, but a very happy birthday to Margot. Fear not, it can get better as the numbers grow higher. From that first KlezKamp class in 2002, my love and engagement with Klezmer grows from day to day, and (with the help of powers beyond us) from strength to strength. Just completed awonderful week at KlezKanada, and look forward to the next chance to see KMB. Lots of pictures on my website.
Ellie and Nomi
Bklyn Happy Birthday Margot!
We celebrate you, your music, and all the joy you bring to this world.
dear margot - wish you a wonderful birthday!

would love to see you get some gigs in the midwest...i'll keep working on st. louis and maybe nashville. we need more <i>good</i> klezmer out here...

i'm still trying to get nephew-man to the world music festival in bloomington indiana but no greyhound buses even go there. world music people do, though. i'll poke around if i have time, maybe go up & see eric mandat. he might know! i have friends in music places, it's not over yet.

gave you five stars - twice! but it doesn't count as a birthday present, 'cause i'd give you those anyway! take care & much love, tom

Klezmer Mountain Boys Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes. I had a beautiful birthday and I loved your messages.

I want to put some weblinks up here for people who are concerned about the Katrina disaster. Our thoughts and love go out to all our brothers and sisters in the Gulf Coast, but we need to send more than thoughts and love! Here are some links to help you find ways to help: for information about several bands that got displaced

New Orleans Musicians Clinic (NOMC) This is a clinic that provided health care to musicians and is now tracking those musicians down and a**ting them I know some of these people personally - they're finding gigs getting a**tance out to displaced musicians

We are also in touch with our friends the New Orleans Klezmer AllStars, who have all been displaced. "Displaced" seems like such a polite and inadequate word to describe what's happened. Their website is last but not least, we must protest the treatment of the region's most vulnerable citizens.

We have been in touch with some of the displaced people we personally know and have been able to send some a**tance. If you'd like information about how to help people directly you can contact me here. If you have other links you want to share please send them along also.

A sheynem dank and keep in touch.

illinois usa
Dear Margot,

L'shana tova!

thanks for showing your nephews the high points of bloomington indiana...hope you had a good midwestern tour...keep up the good music! let me know next time you're anywhere in shouting distance...

Rabbi Larry Milder
Westborough, MA People are simply raving about the concert. Everyone who was there comments about it to me. The cleverness of the band?s music, the exceptional musicianship, the whole feel-good vibe really worked to make it an ideal show, and just what the congregation needed. I wish you much continued success.
Mara and Eli
NYC Dear Margot and the Klezmer Mountain Boys

You MADE our wedding. We knew you would frm the moment we first hoped we would find someone like you. Thank you SO SO much. The music still is with us today and will be for the rest of our lives.

We will forever be listening to you and we will see you as soon as possible at a live show! No words could express our gratitude. You make and create not only extraordinary music but have given us beautiful memories. Thank you.
Mara and Eli

Schooley's Mountain, NJ
I'm writing about your group for the NJ Jewish News and visiting the website to fill in the blanks after interviewing Margot and Barry. I'm a longtime folkie who grew up with klezmer, so I'm looking forward to your Dec. 10 concert in Chatham with great anticipation. Shalom.
  Hi, Margot and Band:

I'm a massive fan of both genres,
and it was amazing to hear to my two favorites
combined in a tasty blend (I saw the Chatham concert). It was interesting:
I was expecting a hyperactive sound, but there were a lot of meditative parts to the band's set.

By the way, I know that Irish ceili bands used saxophones fairly frequently up until about a generation ago.

Regards, Paul

Klezmer Mountain Boys That's so cool Paul! Thanks! and Sheila thanks for the wonderful article in NJ Jewish News. Take care everyone, and happy holidays!
The Netherlands Dear Margot,
Please come to the Netherlands to play for us. I found your cd with the Klezmer Mountain Boys in our library and I can't stop listening to this incredible mix of klezmer and bluegrass. It is really a great sound. Thank you.
Bruce, Nancy Sam and Meyer Bro
New Bedford, MA Dear Margot, Barry, Marty, Joe and Kenny,

We can't thank you enough for braving 200 miles of I-95 to play at our
simcha. You guys are fantastic musicians and real mentschen.
Everywhere I have gone for the last few days, I hear the same
question-"Where did you find the band? They MADE the party." Thanks again,

  I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you and the KMB did at Rebecca's bat mitzvah.

I can't count how many people told me how cool you are and what a fun time they had dancing to your music.

I know it could not have been easy on the roof (hot/sunny) and dance floor(tiny), but you are true professionals and never sounded anything but great.

Thanks so much, and I hope we'll see you again soon!

Peter Sheridan hey - we play klezmer - we're from dublin, ireland - our myspace thing is:

we played a gig last night with another irish klezmer band 'hora' and
afterwards a fan came up and told us about your stuff - i havent heard it
yet - but the guy sang your pra** and knew his stuff - anyway - im dying
to hear youse, so check us out and tell us what you think.

take her handy,

Margot cool!! thanks for contacting us. Good luck with your band!
Margot and the KMB Dear friends,
we're saddened by the passing of our dear friend German Goldenshteyn. The Klezmer Mountain Boys have fond memories of our concert with him last year, and especially of the rehearsal in his home, where he shared his tunes and his menschekeit with us, and where his wife Mina treated us to an unforgettable meal. German never had trouble understanding my limited Yiddish - when two klezmer clarinetists speak, we don't really need words. He was a cherished friend and colleague and we'll miss him.
A website has been made for him at
Leslie Vincent
  I tried to figure out how to sign your guestbook, but somehow I'm not figuring it out at this late hour.

I want to let you know how excited I am to have just discovered "Margot Leverett & the Klezmer Mountain Boys." It's not just that it's good bluegrass or good klezmer (and of course it's both). It's finally something that I can claim as MY music - what else would be right for an Appalachian Jew? My heritage of birth is very deep in the KY hills, and I'm deeply proud of every aspect of my Appalachian heritage. And my faith of choice, which brings focus and joy to my life, is Judaism. I get many confused looks when I define myself in Jewish circles as an Appalachian Jew, but let's face it, I had a Granny who cooked beans, biscuits and cobbler, not a Bubbeleh who fixed bagels, brisket and kugel - I'll never be culturally Sephardic, Ashkenazi, or anything other than back hills Kentucky via the southern Ohio diaspora. Finding this music has brought me such pleasure. Thank you for making it happen. I'm going to do my best to find a way north (from Delaware) to one of your Klezmer Mountain Boys concerts.

With many thanks for this piece of joy you've brought to my life, Leslie Vincent

Margot Leverett
NY Thank you Leslie! It's great to hear from you.
From Norma
Detroit, MI Margot
Thanks for your world class awesome concert at the JCC in Detroit. My
daughter Maral and I look forward to someday come to New York and take your
class. Do you mind if I ask what type of ligature , mouthpiece, reeds and
clarinet you play on ? I especially enjoyed the fluidity of sound and
quality of the tone. And of course it is amazing how in tune you guys are. I
enjoyed the seamless kleztobluegrass fusioning. When I went home I got out
my Klezmer Pioneers album tape and listened to Naftule and Dave and the rest
again with renewed interest.

I wish I could hear the Philly Orchestra performance. Do you chat with
Ricardo Morales and the other orchestral guys?. I'm curious about their

I brought about 14 friends with me and they had a great time
experiencing klezmer up close and personal.

Stay well ----Soo Sooo great to meet you. I will be sharing your cd with
composer Paul Schoenfield April 19. Some of my friends are performing his
music on that date.

Norma of Detroit

Margot Leverett
NY Hi Norma
it was great to meet you!

I play a Buffet R13 with a Marcellus mouthpiece and legere reeds. Thanks
for bringing all your friends to the concert!

Yes, it's been great playing with Philadelphia and I've met many of the
musicians, including Morales. They've been very enthusiastic and supportive.
It's really been a fabulous experience.

Thanks for staying in touch Norma.

Elaine Schonberger On behalf of the JCC of Metropolitan Detroit and the MusicFest Steering Committee, I want to thank you and the Klezmer Mountain Boys for your very special participation in MusicFest with the "Klezmer Fest" program on Saturday, March 10th. What an absolutely delightful evening it was!

The audience so enjoyed your performance. Your warmth, charm and humor were so appreciated, along with your exceptional talent! It was a pleasure meeting all of you!

MusicFest 2007 was an outstanding success! The resonses from the sold-out, standing room only audiences were fabulous. Your participation certainly added to this success.

Thank you, again, for all your time, efforts and talent that you shared with this year's MusicFest. You truly enriched our community!

Fondly, Elaine Schonberger
Director, Jewish MusicFest
JCC of Metropolitan Detroit

Susie Glaze I just wanted to thank you, and to let you know that it was just great to play with your wonderful band. And how wonderful it is, how creative that you are putting the styles together so brilliantly. I wrote an email to Jean Ritchie yesterday to let her know about your group and how we did her "Come All Ye Fair" -- I wrote also to her that ".....these days especially we need manifestations of the global community being one" which I truly believe, and you are doing that with the Klezmer Mt. Boys, and delightfully!

I DO hope we can find some way to collaborate on something again. It just seems right. Continued success! I'm so happy we know each other.

Thank you Susie! It was a great pleasure to perform with you and Steve in Pomona, CA. Your voice is just angelic and true. And Steve's playing is so exciting! The audience went crazy for you! It was just a wonderful addition to our show. I'm sure we'll find more opportunities to play together and I certainly look forward to it. Best regards from all the Klezmer Mountain Boys.
Margot Leverett We're on MySpace now! Come visit and chat with us at
see you there!
Margot Leverett
  Sid Beckerman 1919-2007

Sid Beckerman, klezmer clarinetist and beloved teacher and mentor to a generation of klezmorim, passed away on April 4, 2007.

Sid was the son of the legendary Shloymke Beckerman, whose incredible recordings can still be found on 78rpm records. Klezmer is traditionally passed from generation to generation, father to son, but Sid's son's decided to be cardiologists instead, so Sid passed the tradition on to me, for which I'm eternally grateful. Carefully, meticulously, and full of love he taught me everything his father had taught him, often in his father's words, and with commentary by his wife Mae Beckerman, an accomplished musician in her own right. Sid was a mentor and inspiration to a whole generation of klezmer musicians and became our most important link to the great klezmorim of the past.

As time passes, I realize that when someone teaches you a tune, they've given you much much more than just a series of notes. You listen, you practice, they tell you when you've got it right and when you don't, and in the end you realize they've given you a whole world, full of joy and tears, laughter and dancing, and love. This is what Sid gave us, with all his heart and all his might.

May his memory ever be for a blessing.


Jorge Rozenblum Today, Tuesday 15th, till 23:59 (Spain time) you can listen and download our report about the Klezmer Mountain Boys' CD at I hope you enjoy it.
Margot Leverett Klezmer podcast & youtube

Now you can hear an interview with us on Klezmer Podcast #9! go to

Thanks to Keith Wolzinger for doing a great job with this! I appreciate having this little piece of klezmer history on the net.

ps we're also on YouTube! at


  Hi Margot -- Thanks for coming to our weird little show! It was
really good to see you, and you are up on Rachelle's website:

I just read your website again, and it's really great. I actually
think I've changed my behavior more because of your encouragement
than anyone else's in recent months. Except maybe Al. You and Al --
a good team. I have a garden too -- on my fire escape. I miss real
gardens, but it's amazing to eat fresh food from the fire escape.

Steve Kobb Margot --

On your blog, you wrote: "...if you have suggestions for what we can do about the environment, e-mail them to me..."

OK, I've got one. Take a look at my truck... the one that will soon be running on 100% wind-generated electricity:

My mother didn't exactly raise me to be a mechanic, but after I saw Gore's movie, what else could I do?

So now, I've got you and boys wailin' on the 'Pod, while I'm torquin' up the lugnuts. (How's that for an image?!)

Seriously, though -- your tone is so wonderfully expressive, I just love every note of it.

Question for you: You mentioned your Marcellus mouthpiece and Legere reeds on the blog. Could I ask: What strength Legere? Also, the regular Legere, or the Quebec cut?

I play a Selmer Signature with a Charles Bay mouthpiece, but you may have just tempted me to try out a Marcellus.

Anyway, thank you for the fabulous music... and thank you for re-connecting me with umpteen zillion years of Jewish tradition.

Cheers from Houston,

Steve Kobb
P.S.: You're welcome to see my paintings at

  So I'm home from a fabulous honey moon .....i'd say "too much" wine, sun, fun, great food and various and sundry other honeymoon activities but there is no such thing right!?

The wedding was incredible thanks to you guys....I hope it didnt' bother you too much to have people "borrowing" instruments....I could see why it might....but just so you know it really lended to a fun family time to see my cousins son Harrison jammin on the drums and to have Evan play with them in this was really thanks so much for allowing that .....

The music was wonderful and EVERYONE felt dad was a bit apprehensive about the bluegrass thing and i'm sure you could see what a great time he was having.....!
He's a hoot huh?

I have no idea when but i feel sure i'll be calling you to play somewhere again.....
Ok thank you thank you thank you......we had a beautiful wedding...



Margot Leverett Hey Steve! I'm thrilled to hear from another klezmer clarinetist/environmentalist! good luck with the truck!
I use 3 or 3 1/4 Legere reeds on a marcellus mouthpiece - I'm using the regular ones, not the quebec ones... good luck!
Margot Leverett Mazl tov Haris! it was an honor and a joy to play for your wedding - keep in touch!
Margot, Kenny, Barry, Marty, Joe and Don
Naomi Miller
YM-YWHA of North Jersey
Dear Margot,
I cant thank you enough for performing at Yiddishfest and giving me the opportunity to perform with you. You are so fabulous not only on clarinet but also the way you relate to the audience. Everyone just loved you and your band. I can't say enough about all of you. The raves about your band were non stop!! Let's do it again!!
Thank you so much,
Naomi Miller
Eric Rangell
  Hi Margot,
I performed 3 songs from the Beregovski, Kiselgof, and
Goldenshteyn collections at a house concert last night
in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
You can see the videos here:

Thank you for inspiring my exploration of this work.
I don't get up to New York much, but I really enjoyed
the Klezmer Jam sessions.

Eric Rangell

  Dear Margot,
The concert tonight at the Jewish Museum was absolutely wonderful! Each and every selection was perfect and you and the three musicians made the audience so happy! There was not an empty seat in the auditorium and that shows how much people love to hear your music (me especially!)
I look forward to your emails and updates and wish you and the Klezmer Mountain Boys a wonderful Fourth of July holiday.
Hope you will have a concert at the Astoria Center of Israel where I went to Sunday school and Hebrew school for many years!
Best regards,
Margot Leverett With sadness we note the passing of our good friend Bruce Adler. An amazing performer and a mensch... I learned much of what I know about being on stage from watching him work. May his memory be for a blessing. -- Margot

Memorial: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 7pm, there will be a special memorial gathering in honor of our great entertainer Bruce Adler who passed away on July 25 in Florida. The gathering will take place at Congregation Rodeph Sholom, 7 West 83rd Street, near Central Park West.
Friends and colleagues of Bruce will share memories and pay tribute to his extraordinary life that was cut short by cancer at the age of 63. Among those who will speak are Mike Burstyn, Zalmen Mlotek, Tovah Feldshuh, Avi Hoffman, Harry Groehner, Theodore Bikel, Dan Siretta, Michael Larsen, and others. Cantor Robert Abelson will sing the El Mole Rachamim. For details contact Moishe Rosenfeld at


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